Allison Ware

”California Model School.

Here is something new, right up to the minute. In fact, it is before the minute, for it has not yet happened.

President Allison Ware of the Chico Normal School has an ambition to build on his normal grounds a model rural school, embodying the best and newest ideas extant for the housing, care and training of California country children. It is his hope to fill this with actual children and to use it in teaching his young student-teachers what are the modern necessities of rural school life and how best to use them. He has been working for a long time with the State Architect upon a plan for this ideal school, and he is willing for the first announcement of it to be made in this way, as a suggestion to the rural trustees of the state. The State Architect’s office has prepared the accompanying pictures and the following description, for which we are under great obligation. The building will cost about $3,000.

‘This building is meant primarily for the school districts where one teacher must handle the entire work, and where the funds available are small. By referring to the plan it will be seen that it is essentially a one-room school. The classroom will seat thirty to forty pupils, and has a battery of windows on one side, so arranged that the entire side of the room can be open from floor to ceiling, making it practically an open air school, when so desired. The building is meant to be placed so that this side is towards the east. The opposite wall has blackboards, with transoms over to help the natural ventilation.

‘The entrance is near the teacher’s desk, and is protected by a spacious porch which extends the entire length of the building. The teacher’s desk is arranged on a platform, a couple of steps up from the level of the classroom. This platform is in effect a small stage, it being the idea that the school will be used for public meetings of all sorts. On either side of Jhis stage, bookcases are arranged for the library, and the

teacher has a small closet for private affairs.

“The coatrooms are arranged with the entrances near the teacher’s desk for perfect supervision.

‘At the other end of the classroom, separated therefrom by a glass partition, are small rooms to be used for the teaching of manual training and domestic science. Beyond these rooms a small space is left for a pump, and to store fuel.

‘The heating of the building is accomplished by placing a large wood heater in the alcove at the rear of the classroom, this alcove being lined with metal and asbestos. A woodbox is arranged under the table in the manual training room, accessible to both rooms.

‘The toilets are at either end of the building on the corners, with abundant light and ventilation. The floors are placed on the ground and are cement on a concrete slab. The location of these toilets makes them equally accessible from the school and playgrounds.’

E. H.”

Reference Data:

California Blue Bulletin Issued by Stat Department of Education, Vol. 1, by California Department of Education, 1915, page 12

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