November Newsletter-“Election Day, 2010.”

When November comes around we take note of some special days; Election Day, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving.  Usually the first word that comes to mind is thankful.  Thankful we live in a country where we have the right to choose our leaders, thankful we have a mighty military to protect our freedoms and thankful for our families.  However, I believe “Perseverance,” is more appropriate.

The American College Dictionary, I keep handy, defines perseverance as a “steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc.  Syn. 1 PERSEVERANCE, PERSISTENCE, TENACITY, PERTINACITY imply resolute and unyiedling holding on, in following a course of action.  PERSEVERANCE commonly suggests activity maintains in spite of difficulties; steadfast and long continued application: endurance and perseverance combined to win in the end. It is regularly used in a favorable sense.  PERSISTENCE, …implies unremitting (and sometimes annoying) perseverance: persistence in a belief,… TENACITY, with the original meaning of adhesiveness, as of glue, is a dogged and determined holding on…  PERTINACITY,  unlike its related word, is used chiefly is used in an unfavorable sense, that of over-insistent tenacity…”

Apply these four words to our country yesterday and today: PERSEVERANCE, PERSISTENCE, TENACITY and PERTINACITY.

PERSEVERANCE, describes the actions of our founding fathers took to establish a new country, liberating themselves from oppression and following their own destiny.  No matter the impediment they held fast and resolute, defining this new nation with a set of guidelines and beliefs which have governed us since that time.  They persisted in the face of great adversities, tackling each new challenge with spirit and determination.  Today, economic woes and threats from enemies, demand our focus.  We  must endure as one nation, indivisible in the PERSISTENCE of our beliefs, in ourselves and in our country.  Tenaciousness is what brought this country together.  And TENACITY will see us through, if we set our sites on future rewards.  In the past, we have been pertinacious in our views to some of our native people and our citizens, to the detriment of all.  We must be cautious of this attitude, for all who live in this nation must have the chance at promises of liberty and freedom.  We cannot loose sight of why we immigrated to this land initially, and how together we can continue our Democratic lifestyle.

Exercise your right to vote, mindful of other people in the world, who don’t have the right to govern themselves.  Support your military and be respectful of those who have given their lives for yours.  Be thankful for your family, your home, your nation.  Consider yourselves fortunate.



Ad now a few appropriate selections from Raymond Martin Ware.



From Bunker Hill to Afghanistan, and all points in between,

The symbol of our liberty, can everywhere, be seen.

Down through the many ages, our youth stood proud and tall,

Always ready to take up arms, and answer our country’s call.

They fought the British at Yorktown, again at New Orleans,

But another foe will take their place, Oh, taht’s the way it seems.

Then there came Fort Sumter, our trial by fire began.

Our youth took up a banner, and somehow took a stand!

Brother fired on brother, would the slaughter ever end?

The killing sopped in ’65, but the scars were slow to mend!

Then there came the Kaiser, Wilhelm was his name.

His march across Europe, most set the world aflame.

This, the war to end all wars, or so the whole world thought.

American youth entered the fray, and thus the end was brought.

A place called Flanders Field, where American youths do lie,

The gave their all, in freedoms name, to keep for you and I.

Hitler, and the Emperor’s hordes, tried to take our country down,

Again our youth stood up, from every city, vilage and town.

From Solomon’s stinking jungle, to Monte Cassino’s hill top hell!

America’s youth has paid the price, to keep our country well!

North Atlantic’s icy convoys dodging German submarines,

Bloody South Pacific islands, taken by young Marines.

Battleships and carriers, controlling the surface of the sea,

Young sailors, resting in the deep, to keep our country free!

Then Korea’s “forgotten war,” called our youth to task.

They dug right in, shed their blood, and did what all was asked!

From the fetid jungle of Viet Nam, to Iraq’s flea ridden sand,

Keeping dictators and terrorists, way from freedom’s land!

These enemies are most vile, no distinction ‘tween foe or firend.

The important thing today, say alive to see then end!

So, if you should meet a man, looking old beyond his years,

He’s likely seem some terrible things,and shed a lot of tears.

Go shake his hand, pat his back, and thank him, using tact.

He gave his youth in our behalf, he’s been been to hell and back!





Lillie Mae McKnight Ware

8 Nov 1903-16 Feb 1984       `

The announcement came for one and all, “We”ll have dinner in the social hall!“

I remember well, that Sunday morn, when they made that mighty call!

The speaker stood there, tall and straight, as he spoke out loud and bold.

But what was really on his mind, was Mama’s Green Bean Casserole!

That dish was known throughout the land as a wonderful work of art!

No one  knows what’s in the thing, but it’s made with all her heart!

The ladies came with all kinds of food, even handmade dinner rolls,

But what this dinner was all about, was Mama’s Green Bean Casserole!

Favorite dishes from everywhere were contributed that day.

Like that green persimmon pie, brought in by cousin Mae!

Some dishes were to be served hot, and others dished out cold.

What dish, this year, could challenge Mama’s Green Bean Casserole?

The tables were set in buffet style, as covered dishes are,

And the centerpiece was Mama’s dish, next to roses in a jar!

The dishes kept coming in, no end to them we’re told!

They all came in to challenge Mama’s Green Bean Casserole!

Now, there came a new church member, up from Alabam,

She set her dish upon the table, stewed collard greens and ham,

Then pushed her dish to the center, turned to Mama with a glow!

She had openly dared to challenge Mama’s Green Bean Casserole!

The blessing said, the troops dug in, the battle line was drawn!

The food was disappearing, like the night before the dawn!

The feeding frenzy over, the tally finally told,

The cleanest dish in all that mess? Mama’s Green Bean Casserole!

Pushed way off in the corner, lay the collard greens and ham.

For all the diners thought of it, it may as well been Spam!

So, if you think your dish is good enough to go out for the gold,

Just keep in mind, my friends, of Mama’s Green Bean Casserole!

Bless her heart!

R. Ware



November Newsletter-“Election Day, 2010.” — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you Vicki for your encouraging words and for presenting all of this for us.

    Thank you Ray for this wonderful cronological dedication to our young fighting men and women. I love it so.

    Thank you Mae for your mother’s wonderful green bean casserole and how you have so lovingly described it.

    These three beautiful people have made a great tribute to us all. I thank them so much.


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