The Year-book of the Unitarian Congregational Church, 1892


Ware, Addison
Ware, Charles E.
Ware, M. Everett

Ware, Mrs. Sarah M.

Ware, Thornton K.


Organized Jan. 13, 1885.

This Fund, the object of which is to aid Unitarian Societies in the erection of churches, was created by the American Unitarian Association, with the co-operation and assistance of the National Conference. The Trustees of the Fund are elected by the Directors, of the Association; but in the transaction of business the Trustees are an entirely independent board…


Charles P. Ware, Boston, Mass.

(125 Milk Street, Room 70)



Illustrating Unitarian Principles and History.

Formation of the Christian Character. Addressed to those who are seeking to lead a religious life; and Progress Of The Christian Life, being a sequel to the ” Formation of the Christian Character.” By Rev. Henry Ware, Jr., D.D. 16mo, 270 pp. 50 cts.

Life of the Saviour.  By Rev. Henry Ware, Jr., D.D.16mo, 280 pp. 75 cts.

Memoir of Mrs. Mary L.Ware.  By Kev. Edward B. Hall, D.D. With portrait. 16mo, 434 pp. $1.00.

Memoir of the Life of Henry Ware. Jr., D.D. By his brother, John Ware, M. D. 12mo 564 pp. $1.25.

WARE, John, M.D.Memoir of the Life of Henry Ware, Jr. $1.25.

WARE, Rev. John F. W.

Home Life : What it is and What it Needs. $1.25

Wrestling and Waiting. $1.50.
The Maine Conference of Unitarian Churches. — Organized at Waterville, June 22, 1864.
Committee of Ways and Means: …Mrs. S.M. Ware, Waterville

The Ladies’ Commission on Sunday-School Books. — Formed

at Boston, 1866.

This Commission reports to the Directors of the American Unitarian Association, and carries on its work by the aid of their appropriations. Its object is the preparation of lists of juvenile books suitable for Unitarian Sunday-school and other libraries. New books are carefully examined, and those approved by live readers are placed upon the Catalogue of the Commission.

Lists with full descriptive notes are printed every May, and these are revised and combined every five years. They are sent to Unitarian Sunday Schools, to many libraries and private individuals, and to all applicants, and can be obtained at the office of the Unitarian Sundav-School Society, 25 Beacon Street, Boston, Mass.

Vice-President; Mrs. Charles P. Ware


These Tracts are for gratuitous distribution, and will be furnished to any who may apply by letter, or otherwise, at the Association’s Building, 25 Beacon Street, Boston, Mass.

Self-consecration. By Rev. John F. W. Ware.

1 The Ladder. By Rev. John F. W. Ware.

2. The Parley. By Rev. John F. W. Ware.

3. The Strong Man. By Rev. John F.W.Ware.

4. An Unused Power. By Rev. John F.W.Ware

5. The Gleaning. By Rev. John F. W. Ware.

6. The Cost. Ity Rev. John F. W. Ware.

10. Through Narrow To Broad. By Rev. John F. W. Ware.

11. I Am The Way. By Rev. John F. W. Ware.

12. Keep To The Right As The Law Directs. By Rev. John F. W. Ware.

13. HONESTY Is The Best Policy. By Rev. John F. W. Ware.

14. The Unpardonable Sin. By Rev. John F.W. Ware.

16. Enter Not Into Temptation. By Rev. John F. W. Ware.
Outline Of The Testimont Of Scripture Against The Trinity. By Rev. Henry Ware, Jr.
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