The Boston Almanac and Business Directory, 1838


This society was instituted in the year 1828, and has for its objects the cultivation of the various branches of medical science, and the foundation of a museum and library of prehological anatomy. Its meetings are held on the evenings of the second and fourth Monday of each month, at the society’s room, on Tremont street, nearly opposite the Savings Bank. Members have the privilege of introducing medical gentlemen who may be visiting the city. The museum of morbid anatomy is accessible to all who wish to view it, by application to any member of the society.

… John Ware, M. D.,   Prudential Committee;


Thin association was formed in 1806. The original members were thirty in number. Of this number seven are living. From the formation of the society to the present time 241 physicians have become members of it. Of this number 57 have died, 68 have left town or relinquished practice, and 116 are now in practice in the city. Of the^e, 4 have been in practice thirty years and upward, 12 from twenty to thirty years, 23 from ten to twenty, 24 from five to ten years, and 53 less than five years. The objects of the association are the promotion of the interest and dignity of the medical profession, and of harmony and mutual confidence among its members ; and the discouragement of quackery. A code of medical police for the regulation and guidance of physicians in their conduct towards each other, was early adopted by the society, besides rules relative to its organization, to attendance on the sick in certain cases, and to fees. The rules of the association are offered for subscription to all physicians in the city who have received a medical degree at Harvard University, or who are licensed to practice under the rules of the Massachusetts Medical Society. No member of the association may consult with or aid or abet any practitioner in the city who is not also a member. Annual meeting first Monday in May, when a standing committee and secretary are chosen.

…John Ware, M. D., Standing Committee;


Incorporated Nov. 1, 1781, for regulating the practice of Physic and Surgery.

…J. Ware …


There are two departments of this institution, the one known as ” the Hospital,” in Allen street, and the other as ” the McLean Asylum for the Insane,” in Charlestown. ” All applications for admission must be made at the hospital, between 8 and 9 o’clock, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, except in urgent cases, when application may be made at other hours. The patient, if able, should always appear there in person; if not able, the application maybe made by a friend, and the patient will be visited by the assistant physician ; and no one can be admitted without his certificate, except in case of recent accident. Applications from the country may be made in writing by the attending physician of I be patient, accompanied by a description of the case, and if a free bed be desired, stating the pecuniary circumstances of the patient, and addressed to the assistant physician. No patient should be brought from the country in a helpless condition without first ascertaining whether he can be received. No patient shall be admitted having a contagious disease.”

” No visitors admitted except from 12 to 1 o’clock Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, unless by a special permit from one of the officers or trustees.” The number of patients received annually, is about 500.

Consulting Physicians.—…John Ware, M. D.


Ware, John—3 Hamilton place.

Kilby Bank.

In the old U. S. Branch.—Capital $500.000.—Discount Mondays and Saturdays.  …Addison Ware, Teller ;…

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