Happy Birthday to Us and to the US, July 2011

We are two years old today and though still a fledgling site, we have reached out to many people this past year and hopefully provided some informative family and historical data.  We are averaging 200+ hits a day and have had over 20,000 visitors.  Some have decided to join us and we are grateful for their membership and contributions.  May the next year bring new challenges to meet and conquer, new friends to greet and old mysteries solved.  Serving the Ware name and its families is my great pleasure and will be for some time to come.



Contributed by Charles Dreisbach

Okay you red-blooded Americans; let’s see how you do on this test.18 out of 30 (60%) is considered a passing score but nothing to brag about. Reportedly, 96% of all High School Seniors FAILED this test… AND 50+% of all individuals over 50 did also.
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I don’t often tell you what I have been doing, but I thought you might like to read about something  important I’ve become involved with.  Last Christmas, my ”Bluest,”  I was bemoaning my lack of social interaction to my friend Judy Ware.  Don’t get me wrong, I love working on the website, but we all know how isolating computers can be and the couple of days a week spent working part-time at a chocolate store just isn’t enough.  Judy encouraged me to find something in the community to occupy my extra time.  First I checked out the Senior Centers.  They were full of ”old” people who just wanted to watch movies or play cards.  I went to one activity and realized I didn’t fit in.  I happened to read their newsletter and noticed “Volunteers Wanted.”  I haven’t volunteered for anything in years, partly because I just haven’t had time, I wasn’t involved with my boys activities and some times I just felt taken advantage of.  Well, now I have the time, the chicks have flown the coop and maybe I should give it another try, with a new attitude.  I offered my knowledge and skill in Family History to a local Community Center that caters to Seniors; those who are young at heart.  I was surprised and pleased to know that they had been looking for someone to teach Genealogy.  Of course, I am not a professional Genealogist, but I think I have enough experience to help others to search for their roots.  The first class, I was nervous as all get out and was worried my ”students” wouldn’t want to come back, so the next class I brought in a pan of my home-made brownies to ”sweeten” the deal.  And the rest is history, so to speak.  I’ve progressed to teaching Advanced classes for 12 to 14 individuals each month.  We go on field trips, we have guest speakers, I pass out loads of handouts (paper and printer ink is costing me a fortune), and with their help and the City of Reno Recreation Department, next Spring we are going to host a ”Living History Faire.”   I am having a wonderful time.  I have ”class” one day a week for two hours and spend the time between getting ready for the next.  It is one of the most rewarding things I have done in years.  Moral: If you have a talent, share it.  We didn’t spend all these years acquiring experience and knowledge to bury it with us.



Happy Birthday to Us and to the US, July 2011 — 3 Comments

  1. Shout it out!!! Yes, the years we carry are a badge of honor. How few of us have been so blessed. So—share it with those picking their way along the path.
    This morning I watched the last “lift-off”, and was reminded of the first, yes, in Fla., and went back in time to our first man perched on a Redstone rockett, made in Huntsville, AL. The real force behind its development was not the much boosted German import, but the head of the NC State University atomic reactor, (2 of them) program, the first in the country, headed by Dr. Menius. Of course at the launch at the Cape C. the launch ground center was full of young “fathers” giving birth to their “first child”, yelling: GO STATE!!! Meaning of course, their Wolf cub, of North Carolina State, in Raleigh.
    Only yesterday was one of the reactors shut down because of a possible leak. It was not serious. That is half a century span, how quickly time flies.
    Betty Fitzgerald

  2. Set off the fireworks and ring all the bells – – it is, indeed, a time to celebrate. There is so much to be grateful for – this wonderful country, our freedom, our heritage, this grand website that honors our heritage, and the journey we all take to “embrace our past” while using our gifts “in the present” as a treasure for those “in the future” to enjoy. You’ve done all three, Vicki!!!
    God bless,

  3. Happy Birthday to a valuable website that struggled at first, but is growing in new readers daily. Thank you Vicki for your perseverance and dedication to successfullly publishing the Ware family line of information. It’s one of a kind.

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