Harvard Alumni Directory, 1919

Ware. Albert Edson [dn 73-75.] Hancock, N.H.

Ware, Arthur Lovell [c 69-73, A.B.] Framingham Center, Mass.

Ware, Charles [c 76-80, A.B. Med.] Princeton, Mass.

Ware, Charles Eliot [c 72-76, A.B.; l 76-79, LL.B. 78; g 78-79. Law.] Fitchburg, Mass.

Ware, Charles Eliot, Jr. [c 02-06, A.B.; g 07-08; gb 08-09. Jour.] 49 Brimmer St., Boston, Mass.

Ware, Charles Pickard [c 58-62, A.B.; 166-67. Ret.] 52 Allerton St., Brookline, Mass.

Ware, Edward Cunningham [b 07-08; c 08-09.] East Milton, Mass.

Ware, Francis Cunningham [c 97-01, A.B. Chem.] Solvay Process Co., Syracuse, N.Y.

Ware, Francis Morgan [c 75-78; b 78-79. Agr.] Country Club, Brookline, Mass.

Ware, George Long [c 03-05.] 50 Congress St., Boston, Mass.

Ware, Gordon [c 04-08, A.B.; l 08-09.] Framingham Center, Mass.

Ware, Henry [c 89-93, A.B., A.M. 94; l 93-96, LL.B. Law.] 82 High St., Brookline, Mass.

Ware, John [s 95-99, S.B. C. Eng.] 432 Adams St., East Milton, Mass.

Ware, Joseph Warren [c 73-76. Agr.] Station G, Route 4, Memphis, Tenn.

Ware, Malcolm Cunningham [c 03-06, A.B. 07; m 06-07. Fin.] 44 State St., Boston, Mass.

Ware, Moses Weld [c 98-02, A.B. Ed.] The Morristown School, Morristown, N.J.

Ware, Philip Cunningham [s 05-06; c06-08. Merc] 60 Locust Ave., New Rochelle, N.Y.

Ware, Richard [g 94-96, A.M. 95] Crane, Parris & Co., Washington, D.C.

Ware, Richard Cunningham [s 00-02; c 02-04, A.B. Mfg.] 201 Edge Hill Rd., East Milton, Mass.

Ware, Richard Darwin [c 86-90, A.B.; l 90-93, LL.B. Law. Ret.] Amherst, N.H.

Ware, Robert Lothrop [l 10-11; g 11-12.] 101 Park Ave., New York, N.Y.

Ware, Storer Preble [c 98-01, A.B. 02. Fin.] 30 State St., Boston, Mass.

Ware, Thornton Kirkland [c 06-10, A.B.; l 10-11. Law.] 158 Prichard St., Fitchburg, Mass.

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