Agnes Ware (1658)

April 15 Re: Ware’s Estate

“Robert Cooper Deposed, sayth, That two or three dayes Richard Ware dyed, the sd Ware lying uery sick this Dept being there present w’h him. & desyring the sd Rich: Ware to dispose or settle what he had to his best liking made this Verbal Will, Speaking to his Wife Agnes Doe you take all I haue, & pay my Debts, as far as, what I haue, will satisfy, for I desyre tht you should haue all, & bee my Exequutoe or Admistratoe or words to tht effect.

Robert Cooper”

“Whereas Agnes Ware the Exequutrix of Richard Ware of St  Clemth Mannor in the County of St Maries Deceased, Exhibited to Philip Caluert Esqe, Judge in Causes Testamentary the nuncupatiue of the sd Rich: Ware her late husband, the 15th of Aprill last 1658, Wch sd Nuncupatiue Will, being before him the sd Philip Caluert, in common forme proued, It is therfore Ordered tht the sd Agnes Ware (putting in Recogniz to the Ld Proprietary of 1ooo0 Tob.) haue Lres of Admistraon drawne.

This day came Agnes Ware & acknowledged herselfe indebted to the Lord Proprietary in the summe of Ten Thowsand pownds of Tob. In case she doe not make or cause to be made, a True & pefect Inuentory of All & singular the goods, chattles, & Debts of Richard Ware, deceased, wch shall or may come to her hands, possesth, or knowledge. Nor the same doe exhibite into the Office for Probate of Wills, & Graunting Admistraons att or before the first day of Octobr next, Vnlesse uppon iust demand longer time be graunted her by the Secretary, Nor the same goods, Chattles, & Debts, doe well & truly adrhister, That is to say Doe not pay the Debts of the sd Deceased, wch hee did owe att his decease, as far as the sd goods, chattles & debts will extend, & the Law charge her, Or if shee shall not make a true & iust Accompt of & uppon her sd Admistraon when shee shall bee thereto Lawfully requyred. Or shall not distribute & dispose the remainder of the sd goods & chattles, wch shall bee fownd uppon her sd accompt examined & allowed in the sayd Office, in such manner & forme, as shall bee limitted & appoynted by the Judge, or Judges appoynted or authorized in that behalfe, Or shall not att any time acquitt, discharge & saue harmelesse the Secretary & all other Officers impowred to the Graunting of Letters of Admistraon agst all persons, hauing or pretending to haue any right, tytle or interest in & to the sd goods, Chattles & debts.

The mrk X of
Agnes Ware”

“Recognit Cora me Willm Bretton

Concordat Cu’ Orignali

Caecilius Absolute Lord & Proprietary of the Prouinces of Maryland & Aualon, Lord Baron of Baltemore &c: To all pesons to whom these pents shall come Greeting. Know yee tht uppon the fiueteenth of Aprill 1658, Before the Cheife Officer for Probate of Wills & Graunting Admistraons. The last nuncupatiue Will & Testamt of Rich: Ware of St Clemth Mannor in the County of St Maries, deceased, Was att St Maries in common forme proued, Wch nuncupatiue Will is to these pents annexed, And Admistraon of all & singular the goods, chattles & debts, of the sd Deceased wch any manner of way concerne him or his sd will, was graunted & committed to Agnes Ware Widdow of the sd Rich: Ware, Exequutrix named in the sd Will, Shee hauing first taken her Oath well & truly to adrhister the sd goods, chattles, & debts according to the tenor & effect of the same will. And to make or cause to be made a true & pefect Inuentory of all & singular the goods Chattles & debts of the sd Deceased, wch haue, may, or shall any way whatsoeue come to her hands, possesth, or knowledge & allso a iust accompt in & concerning her sd Admistraon, when shee shall bee assigned, or lawfully called soe to doe. Wch touching, an Inuentory shee is presently assigned to performe att or before the first of Octobr next ensuing. Gyuen att St Maries under the Great Seale of Our prouince of Maryland this 30th day of July, in the 27th yeare of Our Dominion ouer the sd prouince of Maryland Anoqe Dni 1658  Wittnes Our Deare Brother Philip Caluert Esqe Secretary of Our sayd prouince.

Philip Caluert.”

“Willm Assiter demandeth of Agnes the Relict & Exequutrix of  R1chard Ware Deceased One Thowsand seauenty & fiue pownds of Tob. uppon Bill.

 John Jarbo demandeth of Agnes the Exequutrix of Rich Ware Deceased, Three hundd & thirty pownds of Tob. uppon Bill.”


“October 2 A iust Appraysm’ of the Estate of Richard Ware deceased as it Re Estate was appraysed by Vs Willm Assiter & Cloues Mace.

A Cow wth a Steere-calfe, & a heifer wth a Cow calfe & a yearling Steere calfe

Two little iron potts

A spitt, an old dripping-pan, & a frying-pan, & a payre of potthangers, & a payre of tongues
An old hand-saw, a hammer, a sedge-hooke, & a little looking-glasse
A parcell of old cloathes
An old Bed & blankett
A parcell of old Tubs

An old gun wthout a lock & an old drawing knife
A small Chest

A parcell of broken wedges, Two porringers a dozen of spoones, & a parcell of old wooden dishes

August 21st 1658

Willm Assiter

Cloues Mace.”

(Note: All items were valued against per pounds of tobacco; the total value being 1830)

“Octobr 5th This day Willm Assiter acknowledgeth to haue receaued of Agnes the Relict & Exequutrix of Rich: Ware Deceased one Thowsand Seauenty & fiue pownds of Tob & Cask.

John Jarbo likewise acknowledgeth to haue receued of Agnes the Exequutrix of Rich: Ware Deceased Three hundd & Thirty pownds re of Tob & cask.”

Reference Data:

Archives of Maryland, Vol. 41, by Browne, Hall, Steiner, Pleasants, Semmes, Land, Merritt and the Maryland Historical Society, 1922, pages 53, 121-2, 126, and 136-7

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