Sixth Catalogue of the Officers and of the Institute of 1770, 1909

CLASS OF 1785.

Henry Ware, Pres; A.M.

S.T.D. 1806; Hollis Prof. Divin., and Prof. Emeritus; Acting President; F.A.A.

CLASS OF 1804.

Ashur Ware, Pres; A.M.

LL.D. Boyd, 1837; Tutor; Coll. Prof. Greek; Judge U.S. Dist. Court (Me.)

CLASS OF 1812.

Henry Ware, Sec.; A.M.,

S.T.D. 1884; Overseer; Prof. and Parkman Prof. Pulpit Eloq. and Past. Care; M.H.S.


John Ware, A.M.,

Prof. and Hersey Prof. Theor. and Pract. Phys.; F.A.A.

CLASS OF 1834.

Charles Eliot Ware, A.M.,

M.D. 1837; F.A.A.

CLASS OF 1838.

George Frederick Ware, A.M.

CLASS OF 1842.

Thornton Kirkland Ware, LL.B., 1844

CLASS OF 1843.

Henry Ware, LL.B., 1847

CLASS OF 1850.

Loammi Goodenow Ware

Div. S. 1853; L.H.D. Univ. Vt. 1889

CLASS OF 1852.

Darwin Erastus Ware, A.M. 1860

LL.B. 1865; Overseer

Robert ware, M.D., 1856


Charles P. Ware, 125 Milk, Boston.

CLASS OF 1862.

Charles Pickard Ware

CLASS OF 1865.

Frederic Ware, M.D., 1868


Arthur L. Ware, Farmington

CLASS OF 1873.

Arthur Lovell Ware, Sec.

CLASS OF 1876.

Charles Eliot Ware, LL.B. 1878


Charles E. Ware, Fitchburg

CLASS OF 1879.

Francis Morgan Ware


Charles Ware, Princeton.

CLASS OF 1880.

Charles Ware,

M.D., Columbia (Coll. Phys. ans Surg. ) 1883

Francis Morgan Ware

CLASS OF 1899.

Leonard Everett Ware


Storer P. Ware, 1834 Beacon, Brookline; and 35 Congress, Boston.

CLASS OF 1902.

Storer Preble Ware


Gordon Ware, Farmington

CLASS OF 1908.

Gordon Ware




Henry Ware


Ashur Ware



Henry Ware


Arthur Lovell Ware

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