Ed Ware, Paducah KY

Just Whom This Very Laughable
Joke Is On.

Mr. J. J. Sanderson, who lives
near Maxon’s Mills, and Mr. Lee
Potter, a candidate for sheriff, have
horses and buggies almost alike. Mr.
Sanderson was in the city yesterday,
and left his horse hitched near the
Harbour-Pitts Shoe Company, and
by coincidence Mr. Potter hitched
his only a few feet away.
Mr. Ed Ware afterwards met Mr.
Potter and borrowed his turnout to
visit the county. It happened, however,
that he got Mr. Sanderson’s
rig instead of Mr. Potter’s, and
started out the Hinkleville road.
After he had driven through the
back water and gotten about five
miles out he met Mr. Dick Allen, who
offered to sell him a horse.  Mr.
Ware replied  there was no use
buying one when he could borrow
one. The conversation led to an
inquiry as to the ownership of the
rig, and Mr. Ware said it belonged
to Mr. Potter. Mr. Allen soon convinced
him  it didn’t, whereupon Mr. Ware
had to turn around and come back.
In the  meantime Mr. Sanderson
was vainly searching for his horse
and buggy, nnd when Mr. Ware got
back it was all explained. They are
all wondering whom the joke is on.”

Source:  Paducah Sun, Saturday, March 27, 1897, Front page.


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  1. Thanks, Vicki. I can “relate” to this story. You could say I’ve been there – done that. About 45 years ago, when I was stationed in Korea, I took an after- duty history class at a branch of the University of Maryland. It was at a neighboring Army installation, about 10 miles away. I had to get a pass from my Captain, who would lend me his jeep. When I arrived at the education center, I parked the captain’s jeep right outside the quonset hut. It was dark by the time class let out and the roadblocks were up. Approaching the first checkpoint, I obediently fumbled for the switch to turn off the headlights — and set off a siren. I had stolen an MP jeep! My captain had to come get me out. Fortunately, he wore the same ring as the MP major who taught my class. Nevertheless, we had some splainin’ to do when we got back. I rode the bus after that.

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