West Virginia Coal Mines, Holly District, 1917

The Harvey Ware No. 1 well—No. 51 on Map II— located on a branch of Right Fork of Falls Creek, 2.2 miles southeast of Knawl, starts at an elevation of 1015′ B., as determined by the writer, about 130 feet above the Upper Kittanning Coal seam. It is reported to have been drilled by John Farner in 1899 to a depth of about 1800 feet, or about 650 feet below the top of the Big Injun Sand — probably through the Gordon zone. Showings of oil and gas are reported by natives, but, for the same reason as with the Cunningham well, the horizon of the pays was not learned. It was abandoned as non-paying.

Washington Ware Coal Opening—No. 270 on Map II–On north side of ridge road, 0.4 mile S. 85° E. of High Knob; Bakerstown Coal; elevation, 1430′ B

John D. Ware Coal Opening—No. 344 on Map II–On east edge of hill road, 1.0 mile S. 40° E. of Joppa; Lower Freeport Coal; elevation, 1210′ B.; coal reported 2′ 6″ thick.

Isaac Ware Coal Opening—No. 376 on Map II–On east bank of Kanawha Run, 1.8 miles N. 30° W. of Holly; Upper Kittanning Coal; elevation, 1200′ B.

Isaac Ware Coal Opening—No. 377 on Map II–On east hillside of Kanawha Run, 1.6 miles N. 30° W. of Holly; Upper Kmanning Coal; elevation, 1220′ B.

Fred Ware Coal Opening—No. 552 on Map II–On south bank of Falls Creek, 0.6 mile southeast of mouth of Right Pork; Lower Kittanning Coal; elevation, 995′ B.

Albert Ware Coal Opening—No. 570 on Map II–On west side of branch of Kanawha Run, 1.5 miles due north of Holly; Lower Kittanning Coal; elevation, 1170′ B.; opening closed; posts would indicate 4′ 0″ to 5′ 0″ of coal.

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