Revolutionary Soldiers in Virginia, Report of Virgina Library Association With Ledgend, 1912

The number of entries in this index is between thirty-five and thirt-six thousand.

The list of references, with abbreviations used, is as follows: Acct. Com. Sfty., 1775-6: Accounts of the Committee of Safety, 1775-6. (MS.)

Ar. С L.: Arrangement of the Continental Line. (MS.)

Aud. Acct.: Auditor’s Account Books. Numbered with Roman numerals. 32 v. (MS.)

Aud. Acct. 1779: Auditor’s Account Book, 1779. (MS.)

Aud. Acct. 1779-80: Auditor’s Account Book, 1779-80. (MS.)

Aud. Acct. 1778-83: Auditor’s Account Book, 1778-83, Illinois Department. (MS.)

B. W.: Bounty Warrants. Applications for grants of bounty land. A MS. index to a collection of loose manuscripts.

C. S.: Chesterfield Supplement. An additional list of militia at Chesterfield Courthouse. (MS.)
Chas. С M.: Charles City Militia. (MS.)

C. of S., 1776: Journal of the Committee of Safety, 1776. (MS.)
С J.: Council Journals. Beginning with 1776 and continuing, with some breaks, through the Revolutionary period to the last years of the century.(MS.)

Com.-in-Ch’fs Gd.: С E. Godfrey’s “The Commander-in-Chief’s Guard.” Washington, 1904.

С of Nw.: W. H. English’s “Conquest of the Country Northwest of the River Ohio.” Indianapolis, 1896.

Cumb. С of S.: Journal of the Cumberland Committee of Safety. (MS.)

E (followed by a numeral): A collection of loose papers, MS. and printed, for the most part pension lists.

Ex. Coms, (followed by a date): Executive Communications. A series of loose manuscripts referred to by years.

Ex. Papers (followed by a date): Executive Papers. A series of loose papers covering the entire period of State history to 1865, and used in this index for the Revolutionary period.(MS.)

G. of Va. H.: W. F. Boogher’s “Gleanings of Virginia History.” Washington, Gov. Lttr. Bk. Governor’s Letter-book. (MS.)

H. D.: Journal of the House of Delegates. Series extending from 1776 to 1835.(MS. and printed.)

H. D. May (followed by a date): Journal of the House of Delegates, May session

H. D. Oct. (followed by a date): Journal of the House of Delegates, October session.

H. D. Dec. (followed by a date): Journal of the House of Delegates, December session.

Heitman: F. B. Heitman’s “Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army.” Washington, 1892.

I. P. (followed by D and a numeral): Illinois Papers. Referred to by D and a numeral. A collection of loose MS, rolls of militia and regulars in the Illinois Department.

Misc. Pets, (followed by a date): Miscellaneous Petitions. Presented to the Legislature and giving no reference to any county. A collection of loose MSS. kept for convenience in two boxes marked “1779” and “1791,” respectively, and also referred to by the date of the individual paper

N. (followed by a numeral): Navy. A collection of MS. books referring to the State Navy.

Pets, (preceded by the name of a county and followed by a date and the number): Petitions, presented to the Legislature. A loose collection of MSS. filed by counties.

Pen.: Pensions. A MS. index to a collection of loose manuscript papers making application for pensions.

Pitts.: Pittsburg. A MS. list of militia paid off at Pittsburg (Fort Pitt).

R. С: Rejected Claims. A MS. index to a collection of loose manuscript applications for land bounty grants, rejected by the governor.

Rev. Ms., Col. James Wood: Revolutionary Manuscripts of Colonel James Wood. A collection of loose MSS., consisting chiefly of letters of Colonel James Wood.

Rom.: Romney. A MS. list of militia paid off at Romney.

Saf.: W. T. R. Saffell’s “Records of the Revolutionary War.” New York, 1858.

S. of W. 1835, Pen. 2: “Report from the Secretary of War … in relation to the Pension Establishment of the United States.” Vol. 2. Washington, 1835

Spots. Recs.: “Virginia County Records, Spotsylvania.” New York, 1905.

Va. Gaz. (followed by a date): Dixon & Hunter’s “Virginia Gazette.” War (followed by a numeral): A collection of MS. volumes bearing on the military establishment of the State during and after the Revolution.

War 4, 5, 8, 20 and 23 are the chief references in this series.


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