Ware Bible Records for Sarah Ware, Wife of Ephraim Groves Ware

Ware Family Bible Records.—Dr. B. P. Crocker of Foxborongh, Mass., has sent for the use of the Society a copy of the records In a Bible which he recently found at the town farm. On the first page is “Presented to Sarah Ware by her Father Dec. 7, 1816.” Dr. Crocker presumes that the father was Samuel Coverly, and that Sarah was the wife of Ephralm Groves Ware.

Ephraim Groves Ware and Sarah Coverly were married May 18, 1816

Eilas Ware ‘and Deborah Groves were married January 26. 1781 [In Franklin —Wr. V.R.]

* Faded; “Coll ” entered in later hand.

t Vital Records of Wrentham, Mass., to 1850, 2v., 1910, com p. by Thomas W. Baldwin.

Samuel C. Ware and Harriett M. Sweet were married Dec. 24, 1856
Samuel Coverly and Sally Winslow were married November 30, 1787.
Timothy Ware son of Robert & Elizabeth Ware born Dec. 28, 1716
Mary Healy daughter of Paul and Hannah Healy were married in 1742

Elias Ware son of Timo. born 30,1754 [May 30—Wr. V. R.]

Mary Ware  b. Dec. 2, 1743

Olive Ware  b.[Mar. 22 1744-5[Wr. V. R.]

Timothy Ware” [b. Nov. 17 1746

Preston Ware to Nancy Ray Oct. 1805

Elias Ware Jr. to Abigail Lamb Nov. 13 1809

Galen Ware to Catherine Smith June 17, 1810

James Ware to Malinda Shaw White Dec. 4, 1809 [Dec. 16—Wr. V. B.]

Clarissa Ware to Fisher [Joshua—Wr. V. R.] Spooner May 26 1816

James Ware to Elisa Pope 2nd wife May 24, 1818

Addison Ware to Elisa Haynes Dec. 1, 1831

Adelaide Maria Ware married to D. Cobb Dec. 11, 1831

Lorenzo D. Ware to Malinda Jane Ware August 14, 1833


Samuel C. Ware b. March 3, 1817
Samuel Coverly Ware b. April 12, 1818
Ephraim Groves Ware Jr. b. Dec. 13, 1820
John Winslow Ware, b. August 9, 1824
Sarah Jane Ware b. January 18, 1830

Elias Ware Jr. son of Elias & Deborah born Feb. 19, 1782

Preston Ware born Sept 24, 1783

James Ware born Nov 2 1785

Hermon Ware born Oct. 10 1785 [Oct. 20—Wr. V. R.] died December B, 1787.

Galen Ware born April 20 1789

Ephraim Groves [Grover—Wr. V. R.] Ware b. Aug. 28, 1791

Clarissa Ware b. Ap. 17, 1794

Maria Ware b. March 23, 1797

Milton Ware b. May 28, 1799

Addison Ware b. Sept 29 1802

Deborah Ann Ware b. Mar 6, 1805 [Ann omitted; Mar 8—Wr. V. R.]

Elizabeth Coverly daughter of Samuel and Sarah Coverly born 6 Oct. 1788 Sarah Winslow Coverly born Jan. 18, 1790 [Winslow crossed out In original] Samuel Coverly Jr. born 17 June 1793

Timothy Ware (Grandfather) son of Robert & Elizabeth born Dec. 23, 1718 [1715—W”r. V. R.] married Mary Healey (Grandmother) daughter of Paul and Hannah Healey

Elias Ware (Father) born May 30, 1754 died June 80, 1841.
Mary born Dec. 2 1742 [1743—Wr. V. R.] died June 5, 1791
Olive born March 22, 1744 died 1832

Timothy born November 17 [Nov 20—Wr. V. R.], 1746 died May 29, 1798
Mary married Joseph Hills Feb 14, 1765
“died June 10, 1815

Robert Ware son of Robert (great-grandfather) & Elizabeth b. Nov. 21, 1711 [Nov 27—Wr. V. R.]

Esther Mann daughter of Thomas & Hannah b. Aug. 19, 1712
Esther Ware daughter b. May 80, 1739
Robert Ware son b. Feb. 2, 1741
Sarah Ware daughter b. May 18,1743
Betty Ware” b. Feb. 23 1744
Eldad Ware son b. Jan 1, 1749
Rachel Ware daughter b. 1751 [Sept. 1—Wr. V. R.]

Timothy Ware Jr. (uncle) & Ablel Ray m. Dec. 7, 1769
Timo Jr. (uncle same as above) son of T. born Nov. 17,1746 [Nor. 20—Wr. V. R.]

Olive Ware, on the line above, was erroneously credited with thsi date in the original.

Abiel Ray his wife born Oct 21, 1748 [Oct 10—Wr. V. E.]

Rachel Ware b.Dec. 12, 1770

Molly Ware b. Nov 13, 1772 died Oct. 12, 1832

Lucis Ware b. Sept 18, 1774 [Lewis—Wr. V. R.]

Waitstill Ware b. April 12, 1777 [month lacking in Wr. V. R.]

Timo Ware b. Sept. 30 1779

Eunice Ware b. Jany 18, 1782

Olive Ware b. Sept 12, 1785 [Nov.—Wr. V. R.]

Abiel [b. Dec. 6, 1787—Wr. V. R.]

Avery [b. June 10, 1792—Wr. V. R.]


Samuel C. Ware died March 3, 1817
Ephraim Groves Ware died November 8, 18fi2
Ephraim G. Ware died April 22, 1864 aged 43
Sarah Ware died June 21, 1870

Ephraim Groves (Grandfather) d. in Franklin Jane 7, 1810

Elias Ware (Father) died June 30, 1841.

Deborah Ware (mother) died Dec. 23, 1843

Clara Ware Spooner (sister) died Sept. 1856

Dolly Ann Fisher (sister) died Jan 17, 1857

Milton Ware (brother) died at New Orleans Dec. 25, 1839

Elias Ware (brother) died at St. Louis Nov. 24 1859

Timothy Ware (my Grandfather) died Nov. 29, 1794

Mary Hills (my aunt) d. Jan. 5, 1797 aged 53

Timo Ware (my uncle) died May 29, 1798 aged 51 [May 80—Wr. V. R.]

Rachel Ware (my grandfather’s 2nd wife) d. June 11, 1800

Capt. Joseph Hills d. June 10, 1815

Nancy Ware (my bro. P. wife) d. Sept 7, 1813

Malinda Shaw Ware bro. James 1st wife died July 15, 1816

Malinda Jane died May 1816 [Jane Melinda; May 12—Wr. V. K.]

Electa Ware my bro Preston 2nd wife d. Sept 3, 1831

Olive Messinger my aunt died June 16, 1832 aged 87 (yr mo) 9 17
Bathsheba Groves my grandmother died March 9, 1787

Ephraim Groves my uncle died June 1789 caused by the spindle of a grindstone Herman Ware died in infancy”

Source:  The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 66, by Henry Fitz-Gilbert Waters, Published by the New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, January 1912, pages 89-91


Ware Bible Records for Sarah Ware, Wife of Ephraim Groves Ware — 2 Comments

  1. Researching my ancestor Manning Ware born in Bolton, New York in 1818. Manning died in April of 1880 in Lorain County Ohio. Hoping to identify Manning’s parents.

  2. If it weren’t for Bible records kept by a family member(s), a large part of our ancestry would lie in graves weathered by time. This Bible is indeed a very valuable find for family history.

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