Felicia Jenkins Obituary, 1899

"Felicia, daughter of Mr. James and Mrs. M. H. Jenkins, died of 
fever Nov. 4th 1989, aged about 30 years.

Felicia was a pure, noble Christian, and has passed over the 
cold stream and joined the might host, the redeemed of the Lord. 
She united with the Methodist Church when young, but later 
joined the Mission Baptist church at Union, Madison county, of
which she was a consistent member and devoted Christian at the 
time of her death--ripe for the harvest when the Angel of Death 
came to bid her to the promised land, the great beyond, that 
spirit world where the redeemed of the Lord are at rest and joy.  
Eternally blessed are they who trust in the Lord and do His 
righteous will.  Oh, that glory world, the New Jerusalem, where 
there is no pain, no sorrow, no anguish of soul on account of 
sin!  Oh, that sweet peace and happiness is her reward for 
trustin Jesus' name.

She remarked to a friend: "My! oh, hard, hard, how hard!  You 
know I have had a hard time in this world, but it is all right.  
Now I am on my death bed and I want you to advise me what to do.  
There's Garnett, poor boy, I fear is crippled for life, and my 
poor little babe.  Poor little things.  No one will be willing 
to take them to raise after I am gone, in their condition."  She 
was advised not to think of her children; that they would be 
cared for; to have no uneasiness about the, but try to get well 
and raise them herself.  She remarked:  "If it is the Lord's 
will I am willing to get well; but I feel that I will never get 
over all this.  I know God is good; He will do what is best; I 
am resigned to His will."

Felicia being scorched with fever, racked with pain and great 
agony of mind, seemed to realize her condition in this world 
and was able to speak of her relation to this world and the 
world to come.  Perfectly composed for a short space of time 
and realizing her situation, filled with the love of God and 
being ripe for the harvest, a foretaste of heaven seemed to 
cheer her.  All was done for her recovery to raise her children.  
Garnett is all right and a manly, bright boy.

Felicia had a long siege of fever and it seemed that she 
would recover, as her fever left her, but in a very weak 
and frail condition, perfectly helpless.  She pined away and 
died of a broken heart apparently.  She is at rest--that sweet 
rest of eternal joy--surrounded by the holy angels, where there 
is no anguish of soul on account of the sins of this earth.

A Friend

Additional Comments:
Transcriber's note:  From the marriage records of Madison County, 
Felicia Jenkins married Richard Lee Ware, 05 Dec 1886.  On the
1900 Madison Co. Census, 11 year old Garnett was living with his
uncle, Ian A. Jenkins."

Source:  Danielsville Monitor, 28 Apr 1899, USGenWeb Archives by: 
Christine Crumley - Brown 
July 6, 2006

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