John Ware Will 1859, Alabama


			In the name of God, Amen.
I, JOHN WARE of the County of Jefferson & State of Alabama,
being of sound and disposing mind to memory but being
well aware of the uncertainty of all human affairs and 
desirous of disposing of my worldly affairs as seemeth
to me most just and proper.  I do therefore make ordain
publish and declare the following as my last will and
Testament (viz:  It is my will and desire that whatever
debts I may owe at the time of my death or that may be 
necessarily incurred by my last sickness and funeral
be first paid.  Secondly I give and bequeath to my beloved
WIFE MARY ELIZABETH WARE all the land which I possess
consisting of over Six hundred acres lately purchased by
me of the Adm’r of Alfred Dupuy and formerly known
as the Rockett place lying in To 18 & 19 Range 4 west.  To 
have and to hold forever in fee simple to dispose of as she
may think best, either to sell it & convey a perfect title 
during her life if she thinks proper to do so, or to live 
on it during her life if she chooses to do so.  And if she 
should still own it at the time of her death then it is my 
desire that said land or the proceeds thereof if a sale 
should be necessary shall be equally divided between our 
children now in existence, (viz,  JESSE C., GEORGE, ANN C.,
those if any which may hereafter be born.  Thirdly, I 
give and bequeath all the balance of my property of a 
personal nature and all money and debts and every thing 
else not before mentioned to my beloved wife Mary Elizabeth 
to use and dispose of as she pleases.  and whatever may 
remain at her death to be equally divided between my above 
named children & those (if any) which may hereafter be 
born of my present wife from our present marriage.  This 
bequest of course is intended to include the NEGROES, VIZ.
of this my last Will & Testament.
   In Testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand & seal 
in the presence of these attesting witnesses this Twelfth day
of March A.D. 1859.
				John Weare [Clerk’s mistake] {Seal}
   The foregoing Will was signed sealed published & declared as 
the lst Will and Testament of said John Ware this 12 day of March 
1859 in our presence.
B. E. Grace
John Smith
Robert Owen
State of Alabama) Probate Cort of said County
Jefferson County) In the matter of the Probate of the last Will
& Testament of John Ware dec'd.  Before me Moses Kelly Judge of 
the said Court personally appeared in open Court John Smith & 
Robert Owen who having been by me first respectively duly sworn 
and examined, did and do depose and say on oath that they are 
each subscribing witnesses to the instrument of writing now shown 
to htem & which purports to be the last Will & Testament of John 
Ware dec'd late an inhabitant of this County, that said Ware since 
dec'd signed & executed said instrument on the day the same bears 
date & declared the same to be his last Will & Testament & that 
affiants set their signatures thereto on the day the same bears 
date as subscribing witnesses to the same, in the presence of 
said Testator, that said Testator was of sound mind & disposing 
memory, & in the opinion of deponents fully capiable[sic] of
making his Will at the time the same was so made as aforesaid.  
Affiants further state that said Testator was on the day of the 
date of said Will of the full age of Twenty one years and upwards.
Subscribed & Sworn to &c  )               John Smith
This 30th day of July 1859)               Robert Owen
Moses Kelly, Judge        )
State of Alabama ) I Moses Kelly Judge of the Court
Jefferson County ) of Probate in & for said County & State
do hereby certify that the within Instrument of writing has
this day by said Court and before me as the Judge of said 
thereof, been duly proven by the proper Testimony to be the 
genuine last Will & Testament of John Ware dec'd and that 
said Will together with said proof thereof have been recorded 
in my office in Book of Wills No. 1 pages 89 & 90.  
In witness of all which I have hereunto set my hand This 
July 30 A.D. 1859,
                                          Moses Kelly, Judge

Source:  Source: Probate Court Records Jefferson Co/birmingham 
Al Written: March 12, 1859 Recorded: July 30, 1859
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Lanelle Hanke September 19, 2005

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