Russell E. Ware

Russell E. Ware, MD, PhD

Director, Division of Hematology

Marjory J. Johnson Chair of Hematology Translational Research, Division of Hematology

Co-Executive Director, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute

Associate Director, Global Health Center

Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics

Phone 513-636-4266


Sickle cell disease; hemolytic anemia; immune-mediated cytopenia; PNH
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Russell Ware, MD, PhD, has been involved with a wide variety of clinical and translational hematology research projects for over 25 years, but his primary interests have focused on sickle cell disease. Dr. Ware has substantial personal experience with directing patient-oriented research, and he currently runs an NIH-funded laboratory effort that investigates genetic modifiers of sickle cell disease. The main focus of his lab research is to understand the phenotypic variability that occurs with hydroxyurea treatment, through the study of hydroxyurea pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, pharmacogenetics, and pharmacogenomics. Dr. Ware is also the national Principal Investigator for several NIH-funded multicenter sickle cell clinical trials, including the recently completed Stroke With Transfusions Changing to Hydroxyurea (SWiTCH), and the current TCD With Transfusions Changing to Hydroxyurea (TWiTCH) and Sparing Conversion to Abnormal TCD Elevations (SCATE) studies that include non-US clinical sites. Most recently, Dr. Ware has moved his research efforts into the international arena, starting SCD pilot screening programs in Angola, and now conducting clinical trials to determine the safety and efficacy of hydroxyurea in developing countries.

MD: Duke University School of Medicine, Durham, NC, 1979-83.

Residency: Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, 1983-86.

Fellowship: Duke Medical Center, Durham, NC, 1986-89.

PhD: Duke University School of Medicine, Durham, NC, 1987-91.

Certification: Pediatric Hematology/Oncology.

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