Eunice Snow (1885 – )

A story of the life of Eunice Snow Hunten Hoye

Eunice Snow was born on January 11 1885 to George W. Snow and Hannah Ware, in Orangeville, Emery, Utah. She the 4th child out of 10. Her brothers were, George, Sam, Earl, Arnold, Cliff, and Clint. Her sisters were: Alice, Bell, and Lylas. Eunice was born with a strange growth on the tip of her tongue, as she grew it grew also until it was about the size of a golf ball. This could never be removed it was full of blood vessels. Eunice’s school days had may experiences. One time she was at school and could never sit still so they nicknamed her walking Eunice. Another time she did something that really upset the teacher. He wrote her dad a note which said she could not come back to school till he came with her. The next day she went to school without her dad, when the school teacher asked her where her dad was, she answered: “he just said to go back to school and mind your manors.” The teacher let her stay. One time her teacher accused her of something she had not done. Eunice got very upset and said: “I will never forgive him”. The teacher went to her parents trying to get their hep to have her forgive him. It didn’t work. Years later Eunice realized she was wrong and she had matured and was able to forgive him. After 8th grade she went to the Academy in Castle Dale Utah where she attended for 1 additional year. Eunice went to work in Price at the hotel and there she met Arthur Hunten . Her sister Alice had dated him first. Eunice, really liked him and started to date him, and they had been dating six weeks when they were married. He was the love of her life. Arthur was born in Hamburg, Germany September 1881.They had five children starting with the oldest who were: Agnes 15 Oct 1907, Virginia 13 June 1909, Arthur (Bud) 4 may 1911, Hannah Ruth 22 Aug 1913, and Emma 15 Dec 1915. Eunice was letting Arthur go on a fishing trip in the summer of 1916. When he got to Heler, Utah a voice told him go home Arthur, go home. He didn’t listen and was off with his friends. When he came home he was white as a sheet and very ill. The doctor sent him to Salt Lake City where they tried to treat him for food poisoning from bad fish. Eunice found herself in great despair as she was told to leave his bedside because Arthur would not give up with her there and he was too ill to make it through his ordeal. Eunice’s father met her and her daughter Emma who was only 6 months old at the train. As he took her in his arms her father said, “Why couldn’t it have been me.” Eunice was left alone to raise 5 children and was not sure how they would make it. She was a widow for 8 years, when she met James Patrick, Hoye while working in a boarding house in Castle Gate Utah. They dated and got to know each other. She made him promise he would never mistreat her 5 children when she agreed to marry him on 13 February 1924. Two more children were born and added to their happy family. Patricia Jean Hoye 24 April 1928 and Nora Marie Hoye born 9 August 1930. Once again Eunice found herself alone when in 1931 Jim was admitted to the hospital in Standville, Utah to have his ulcers operated on. What should have been a relieve came as shock as he died of Ether pneumonia, once again leaving Eunice a widow with now 7 Children to care for. The day she died Arthur was as much apart of her as the day she married him. She had two great husbands that treated her like the queen she was and was thankful for Jim taking on a ready made family. In 1952 Eunice was sealed to Arthur Henry Hunten in the Logan Temple.

Source:  Family Search Memories

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