Iona Anderson Ware

Memories of Iona Anderson Ware from Janis Ware

I met Iona when Gene and I became engaged the summer of 1960. She was a very cheerful and patient person. Jack and Iona were like a couple of newlyweds. I could tell they really loved each other. Gene took me to his home for a family Home Evening. Gene was the oldest so almost all the children were home. Each child did something for the program. Jack played the violin, Richard played the trumpet, Jesse played the clarinet. I remember thinking how patient Iona was when she let Susan read a whole book for her talent. Susan was 7 years old and was very proud of her reading ability. There was a good spirit in the home, a lot of laughing and kindness. A special time I had with Iona was when my first son Brent was born, she came and stayed a week with me. I didn’t think I really needed help but she and Susan and David came to stay. When Brent would wake up at night she was there to help me. We went to the store in the daytime and when we came up the sidewalk to our apartment she said “It smells like somebody has burned the beans. When we opened our door, we discovered the smell was from our apartment. Susan lost her roller skates and we put up a sign on the board and found them. At night when Gene was at school, she would read to me from Jesus the Christ or the scriptures. I thought that was wonderful. No one had ever done that for me before. We would talk about them as I felt a great love for her and the scriptures. At that time she was trying to decide whether to have another baby. Holding a new born baby probably helped her decide because Nathan was born about 9 months later. The summer of 1962 we stayed with Jack and Iona while Gene worked at Hill Field. I remember she loved fresh grapefruit. I had never seen anyone eat more that ½ a grapefruit at a time and I was amazed that she could eat 2 or 3 at a time. She was cheerful as the time approached for the delivery. Jack took her to the hospital in the early evening. He was gone a while then he called Gene and they gave her a blessing. When Jack came home he was desolated. He said it was heartbreaking to see the doctor pound on his little girl’s heart to try to bring her back to life. She died that night and also little Nathan. At the viewing little David kept coming over to the casket to hold her hand. A lot of friends came by and said what a wonderful person she was. Her casket was gray with a pink satin lining. Nathan was laying beside her in the casket, perfect and beautiful dressed in white.

Source:  Family Search Memeories

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