Olive Branch Sr.

Olive Branch, Sr son of Matthew Branch of Hannah Springs plantation.

This Olive Branch, Sr. married his cousin, Verlinche Branch, daughter of James Branch and Mary Ware. James was a son of Thomas V. Branch as was Ver;inche’s father.

REFERENCES: 1 May 1752, Court Proceedings for Chesterfield Co, VA; Oliver Branch was appointed to a grand jury under foreman Jacob Bug. They presented the following for prosecution: “We present William Walthal, keeper of the public ferry across Appomattox River from his land formerly belonging to William Pride, to Anthony’s Landing in Prince Georges County, for not keeping said ferry according to law. We present William Locket, Surveyor of the Road from Swift Creek Bridge to Old Skin Quarter Road, for not keeping the road whereof he is Surveyor, in good order. We present Benjamin Branch, Surveyor of the Road from Branches Ferry to Proctor’s Creek. We present Francis Flournoy for not going to Church. We present George Renyer Turner for not going to Church. We present William Baugh Jr for not going to Church. We present Thomas Totty for not going to Church. We present John Sims for not going to Church. We present William Waddil for profane swearing. We present Henry Turpin for profane swearing. We present Benjamin Chaulkley for not going to Church. We present William Baugh Sr for not going to Church. Then the Grand Jury, having nothing further to present, were discharged” Those charged had to pay fines to the King’s Court.

WILL: In the name of God amen; I, Olive Branch, of the county of Chesterfield and Parish of Manchester being of perfect sense and memory constitute this writing to be my last will and testament in manners form following to wit. I give and bequeth unto my beloved wife Verlinche during her natural life all my estate both real and personal of every kind whatsoever to her own proper use but after her death then my will and desire is that all the said estate of every kind whatsoever shall descend to belong unto my son James Branch and to his heirs and aforesigns forever, and my desire is that my said estate shall not be appraised and lastly I appoint my son James Branch and my friend Bernard Marshall to be my executors to this my will hereby revoking all other wills as wittnessing my hand and seal this 16th day of October, in the year of our Lord, 1779. Signed sealed and acknowledged before us. Bernard Markham, Charles Clarke, Thomas Howlett, John Mallory, Olive Branch X (LS). 5 April, 1782, will of Olive Branch proved by executor James Branch.

WILL: When James Branch died in 1807 without a will, Washington Branch, son of Daniel Branch, was made administrator of James’ estate. Since James had died without heirs, his estate was divided five ways. Everything to go to his brothers and sisters or to their families if the brothers and sisters were deceased., The estate continued until 1815. “Jan 11, 1808 Olive Branch, Fleming Branch, Anderson Branch, John Branch, James Branch, John Goggin and Lucy, his wife, (formerly Lucy Branch), Benjamin Parks and Elizabeth, his wife (formerly Elizabeth Branch), William Parks and Jemima, his wife (formerly Jemima Branch), William Harrison and Nancy, his wife (formerly Nancy Branch), Matthew Anderson and Judith, his wife (formerly Judith Branch), Charles Gill and Linchey, his wife (formerly Linchey Branch), who are the children and heirs at law of Olive Branch, the elder, deceased: Also James Branch, Olive Branch, Daniel Branch, John Grayser, and Sally, his wife (formerly Sally Branch), William Bowles and Virlinchey, his wife (formerly Virlinchey Branch), who are the children and heirs at law Daniel Branch deceased: Also, James Parks, Samuel Shimil, and Polly, his wife (formerly Polly Parks), who are the children and heirs at law of Virlinchey Parks deceased (formerly Virlinchey Branch), which said Olive Branch, the elder deceased, Daniel Branch, deceased and Virlinchey Parks deceased were the brothers and sister of James Branch deceased: Also, Samuel Branch and Pleasant Branch, who are likewise brothers of the said James Branch deceased….Complainants. In Chancery, Washington Branch, administrator of James Branch deceased (the said Washington being one of the children and heirs at law of the aforesaid Daniel Branch deceased, who was a brother of the above mentioned James Branch (deceased), defendant. This day, this course was docketed, and by consent of parties came on to be heard on the bill, answer an argument of counsel: Upon consideration whereof the court doth order and decree that James A Patteson, Thomas Bridgewater, Francis Smith, and Samuel Bridgewater commissioners, or any three of them divide the personal estate of the said James Branch deceased, into five equal parts: And alot the same to the distributees above mentioned, according the statue directing the distribution of intestates estates personal: And moreover, that the said commissioners or any three of them, make sale of the real estate in this county, whereof the said James Branch died seized in intestate, containing 153 and 3/4 acres of land, more or less, to the highest bidder, for the best cash price that can be obtained, and divide the money arising from such sale into five equal parts, and a lot to the distributees, in the same manner that the personal estate is directed to be distributed. LAND: 1736, Henrico County, Virginia, Southside; Benjamin Branch taxed 2 levys on 150 acres. Paid by Olive Branch.

LAND: 1 February 1754, Chesterfield Co, Virginia; deed by Daniel Branch of the county of Cumberland, to Olive Branch of the county of Chesterfield, conveying 225 acres, part of a tract of 450 acres, adjoining lands of William Byrd, and described as having been purchased by Matthew said Matthew Branch to the said Daniel.

LAND: 13 February 1754, Chesterfield Co, Virginia; deed by Olive Branch of Dale Parish to William Byrd, of Westover, conveying a tract on both sides of Reedy creek, containing 94 acres on the south side of Rocky Ridge adjoining land of John Markham. LAND: 8 July 1755, Chesterfield Co, Virginia; deed by Olive Branch, to Thomas Branch {Thomas, Thomas, Christopher) conveying plantation whereon Olive Branch now lives, containing 450 acres, to secure a debt of £74 lis; provided that if Olive Branch repay this sum to Thomas Branch before 8 July 1756 this instrument be void.

LAND: 13 Feb 1764, Chesterfield County, Virginia; deed from William Byrd to Olive Branch, Sr for 94 acres.

LAND: 6 April 1764, Chesterfield Co, Virginia; deed from John TuVett, and given by the will of the 1764 by Olive Branch, Sr., to his son Olive Branch, Jr., conveying 100 acres, adjoining lands owned severally by John Markham, William Byrd, and the two parties to this deed.

LAND: 6 April 1764, Chesterfield Co, Virginia; deed by Olive Branch, Sr., to his son James Branch, conveying 100 acres adjoining lands of the said James Branch, of the said Olive Branch, Sr., and of William Byrd.

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