Harvard Alumni Directory, 1910

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Ware, Charles Pickard [c 1858-62, A.b.; I 1866-7. Merc] 125 Milk St., Boston, Mass.

Ware, Edward Cunningham [c 1907-8; c 1908-9. Agr.] E. Milton, Mass.

Ware, Edward James [c 1877-81, A.B.; M.D. Columbia 1885. Med.] 121 W. 93d St., New York, N.Y.

Ware, Francis Cunningham [c 1897-1901, A.B. Sc. Mfg.] Solvay Club House, Syracuse, N.Y.

Ware, Francis Morgan [c 1875-8; 6 1878 9. Merc] 331 W. 83d St., New York, N.Y.

Ware, George Long [c 1903-5. Fin.] 53 State St., Boston, Mass.

Ware, Gordon [c 1904-8, A.B.; I 1908-9. Fin.] Framingham, Mass.

Ware, Henry [c 1889-93, A.B.; A.M. 1894; I 1893-6, LL.B. Law.] 82 High St., Brookline, Mass.

Ware, Horace Everett [c 1863-7, A.B.; I 1867-8. Publ.] 110 Summer St., Boston, Mass.

Ware, John [s 1895-9, S.b. C. Eng.] 18 Ash St., Cambridge, Mass.

Ware, Joseph Warren [c 1873-6. Agr.] Box 43, Memphis, Tenn.

Ware, Leonard Everett [c 1895-9, A.B. Fin.] 38 Wall St., New York, N.Y.

Ware, Malcolm Cunningham [c 1903-6, A.B. 1907; m 1906-7. Merc] E. Milton, Mass.

Ware, Moses Weld [c 1898-1902, A.B. Ed.]Morristown School, Morristown, N.J.

Ware, Philip Cunningham [s 1905-6, c 1906-8. Mfg.] E. Milton, Mass.

Ware, Richard [c 1894-6, A.m. 1895; LL.B. Columbian (now George Washington Univ.) 1889. Law.] Crane, Parris &

Co., Washington, D.C.

Ware, Richard Cunningham [s 1900-2, c 1902-4, A.B. Merc] 24 West St., Boston, Mass.

Ware, Richard Darwin [c 1886-90, A.B.; l 1890-3, LL.B. Law.] 53 Devonshire St., Boston, Mass.

Ware, Storer Preble [c 1898-1901, A.B.1902. Fin.] Hingham, Mass.

Ware, Thornton Kirkland [c 1906-10, A.B. Student] 158 Prichard St., Fitchburg, Mass.

Ware, Thornton Marshall [c 1895-6, 1897 1903, A.B. Fin.] 1572 Mass. Ave., Cambridge, Mass.

Ware, William Robert [c 1848-52, A.B.;  1854-6, S.b.; LL.D. 1896. Arch. Ed.] Adams St., Milton, Mass.

Ware, William Rotch [c 1867-71, A.B. Arch. Jour.] E. Milton, Mass.

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