Davis, Murphy and Ware of Lincoln County, Missouri, Family Information

Davis and Ware Families Lincoln Co., Missouri

Rev. Ephraim Davis (1788-1851), his wife and children.

Rev. Ephraim Davis (1788-1851) married 1815 in Nelson County, Kentucky to Elizabeth “Betsy” Stallard (1797-1876), presumed living ca. 1832 in Shelby County, Kentucky as their daughter Judith Davis (1817-aft1860) married Jeptha Ware (1809-1837) in that year. An Ephraim Davis is listed in the 1820 and 1830 censuses in Shelby County, Kentucky. (Also listed in Shelby Co. in 1830 is his brother Gad Davis.) Based on birth states of children reported in the 1850 census, family migrated to Lincoln County, Missouri between 1835 and 1838. Was in Hurricane Twp., Lincoln Co. for the 1840 census. Ephraim’s brother Ichabod Davis (1796/7-1875) also migrated with his family from Shelby Co., KY to Lincoln Co. before 1840 (Lincoln Co. Census). Davis Family Cemetery

Descendants of Nicholas Ware (1773-1837) of Shelby Co., KY

Nicholas Ware born 25 November 1773 in Virginia; died 1837 at Shelby County, Kentucky; married 30 Oct 1798 at Shelby County, Kentucky to Mary “Polly” Sanders (poss. Saunders) (est1775-?). Nicholas apparently died at Shelby County; I do not have any information about death of Mary “Polly” (Sanders) Ware. Sone Rootsweb WorldConnect files show this Nicholas Ware as “V” (the fifth) (which is inconsistent with ancestors) as s/o Reuben Ware and Susannah Jopling. This family was reportedly in Caroline County, Virginia around the 1730’s. These family tree files mention other places as well.

Not a lot previously found on the internet about this specific family, just bits and pieces and further from my own limited research. Information is tentative, but appears to be accurate.

The data seems to indicate that Robert Ware, William Ware, Jeptha Ware and James Ware who were sons of Nicholas and Polly Ware migrated to Lincoln County or vicinity. More following.

One daughter Susan Belinda Ware b. 14 Oct 1803 at Shelby Co.; m. 11 Nov. 1828 at Shelby Co. to Archibald Collins (1799-1868); died 4 Feb 1839 at Shelby Co.. Another daughter Eliza Jane b. 1 Aug 1825 at Shelby Co.; d. 1847/1850 at (presumed) Shelby Co.; m. 1 November 1840 at Shelby Co. to Isaac C. Newland (1820/1821-aft1860). He m. 2nd 7 December 1852 at Spencer Co. Kentucky to Martha E. Dyer. I have not found migration information about the other children of Nicholas and Polly.

  • Jeptha Ware was born 2 Nov 1809 in Shelby County, Kentucky; married 31 Aug 1832 or 4 Sep 1832 at Shelby Co., Kentucky to Judith Davis, she d/o Rev. Ephraim Davis (1788-1851); died between the first and fourth of September 1837 at Lincoln County according to estate documents on file at the County Courthouse. Judith (Davis) Ware remarried 3 September 1840 at Lincoln County to Thomas Washington Norvill (1814/1815-aft1860).According to estate papers, guardianship orders and censuses there were three children (Ware): William, Mary Elizabeth and Nancy Jane.
    • William Ware last found in 1860 census at age 26 living in Lincoln Co. with sister Mary Elizabeth (Ware) Briscoe and her family.
    • Mary Elizabeth Ware in the 1850 census in Lincoln County as “Mary E. Norvill” (s/b Ware), age 15, household of her stepfather Thomas W. Norvill and mother Judith (Davis) Ware Norvill. Married 16 October 1853 at Lincoln Co. to Thomas J. Briscoe.
    • Nancy Jane Ware was apparently born after her father’s death in Sepetmber 1837 and before December 1838. She was living in 1850 at age 12 in the household of her grandfather Rev. Ephraim Davis in Lincoln County. Nancy Jane Ware married 3 Aug 1854 at Lincoln Co. to Samuel Luckett; they lived in Lincoln Co. and later Audrain Co. (1880).
  • A Robert Ware was in the area censuses, apparently the same Robert Ware born 2 April 1802 who was son of Nicholas and Polly. 1840: Lincoln County; 1850: Pike County (Robert Ware, age 48); 1860: Pike County (Robert Ware, age 58); 1870: Pike County (Robert Ware, age 65); 1880: Pike County (Nancy Ware, age 63, widowed); married 31 Dec 1835 at Pike County to Nancy Margaret Gray. He died 1870/1880, presumably Pike County.
  • A William Ware was in one area census, apparently the same William Ware born 5 November 1805 who was son of Nicholas and Polly. 1840: Lincoln County; not found (by me) afterward.
  • A James Ware was in the area censuses, apparently the same James Ware born 4 August 1815 who was son of Nicholas and Polly. 1840: Lincoln County; 1850: not found; 1860: Montgomery County MO (James Ware, age 45).

Murphy and Ware Families Lincoln Co., Missouri

Family of William John Murphy (1797-1882) and Catherine Ware (1801-1892).

William John Murphy born 17 Jan 1797 at Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY; s/o Hesiciah Murphy and Mary C. Cotton; d. 15 April 1882 at Troy, Lincoln Co.; m. 17 August 1817 at Shelby Co., KY to Catherine Ware. She b. 8 September 1801 at Louisville, Jefferson Co., Ky; reported d/o Nicholas Ware and Catherine Jefferson; d. 8 February 1892 at Troy, Lincoln Co. The IGI does not show a primary source record for a marriage between Nicholas Ware and Catherine Jefferson. This appears to be a different family from the previous Nicholas Ware.

However, one source (PRF CD#126) gives Catherine Ware’s parents as Edmund Ware and Susannah ____________ but likewise no direct evidence shown.

Unfortunately none of the above shows primary sources and it looks like at least one WorldConnect file has the Nicholas Ware’s confused. So there is possibility of error in any of the above.


From Ware Lineage:

——8-Nicholas Ware (27 Nov 1773-1837) m. Mary “Polly” Sanders on 30 Oct 1798. ———-9-Mary Catharine Ware (28 ?) Mar 1800) m. Rutley. ———-9-Hart (Robert) Ware (17 Apr 1802). ———-9-Susan B. Ware (14 Oct 1803) m. Archibald Collins Sep (1828 ?). ———-9-William Ware (13 Nov 1805). ———-9-Jeptha Ware (2 Nov 1809) m. Judith Davis on 4 Sep 1832. ———-9-Nancy Ware (2 Aug 1812) ———-9-James Ware (4 Aug 1815) m. Dorothy Whiteside (21 Aug 1839. ———-9-Eliza/Elisa Jane Ware m. Isaac Newton on 31 Oct 1840. ———-9-Nicholas Ware (14 Sep 1820 ?)

It appears there may be various errors in the above, including:

  • “Mary Catherine Ware” b. March 1880 may not have middle name Catherine. Apparently another Catherine Ware b. 8 Sep 1801, d/o Nicholas Ware and Catherine Jefferson – but that is very uncertain. I am unable to find anything further about her.
  • Other reports show the child b. 2 Aug 1812 was an infant son.
  • Eliza Jane Ware reportedly born 1 August 1825, married 1 November 1840 at Shelby Co. to Isaac Newland. Eliza apparently died 1847/1850 at Shelby Co.
  • Nicholas J. Ware reportedly born 4 September 1823. No Further information.

———————————————————————- Estate papers of Jeptha Ware at Lincoln County, Missouri Courthouse, Troy, Missouri. By Patty (Jamerson) Archer 2008: Jeptha Ware Date of Letters: October 2, 1837 File No. 85 Administrator: Ephraim Davis Ephraim Davis being duly sworn upon his oath says that Judith Ware the widow of Jeptha Ware & William Ware and Elizabeth Ware children are the only heirs and legal representatives of said Jeptha Ware ……. 2nd day of September A.D. 1837 Ephraim Davis Francis Parker, clerk ———— One paper inside shows a bill from Dr. Sidney R. Ensor (he was married to Berrilla Jameson, a cousin to me) for a visit and medicine on the following dates: August 30th 1837 $5.00 September 1st 1837 $5.00 —————- $10.00 ————————————— Also a bill for making his coffin: September 4, 1837 $2.00 So, he must’ve died between Sept 1st and Sept 4th, 1837. It appears that his wife, Judith (Davis) Ware was pregnant with daughter Nancy Jane at the time of her husband’s death. Guardianship papers for the children of Jeptha Ware are also at the courthouse…… File No. M-78 For children William, Elizabeth (also referred to as Mary Elizabeth in papers) & Nancy Jane Ware, minors. Ephraim Davis was their guardian. Dated: November 12, 1839 ———————————————————————- 1840 census – Ancestry.com index – “Ware” in Lincoln County James Ware Hurricane, Lincoln, Missouri Robt Ware Hurricane, Lincoln, Missouri William Ware Locust Creek, Lincoln, Missouri Zelpha Ware Union, Lincoln, Missouri [Handwriting reasonably shows “Zelpha”.] ———————————————————————- United States Census 1850 Lincoln County, Missouri Everyname Transcription Original Schedule (Page) Sequence See comments at end Page Line Visitation – Age – Sex Birth Birth # # Sequence Given Name Surname Years Mos Race State Year 122 16 845 845 Thomas W Norvill 35 .. M W Virginia 1815 122 17 . . Judith Norvill 32 .. F W Kentucky 1818 122 18 . . Mary E Norvill 15 .. F W Kentucky 1835 122 19 . . Catharin Norvill 7 .. F W Missouri 1843 122 20 . . Louisa Norvill 5 .. F W Missouri 1845 122 21 . . James M Norvill 3 .. M W Missouri 1847 122 22 . . Malichi Norvill 0 6 M W Missouri [Mary E Norvill should be Ware. Her sister Nancy Jane Ware living with her grandfather Rev. Ephraim Davis. Her brother William not found in 1850.] ———————————————————————- FS-IGI online: “ROBERT WARE [married] NANCY MARGARET GRAY 31 DEC 1835 ,Pike, Missouri” Batch No.: M515602 / Dates: 1825 – 1865 / Source Call No.: 0974634 ———————————————————————- US Census 1850 – Missouri – Pike Co. – Clarksville – Page 219 or 437 Ancestry.com index / image / ED image 6/7 35 787 811 Robert Ware 48 M Cabinet Maker Kentucky 36 Nancy M ” 33 F Missouri 37 Benjamin W. ” 13 M 38 James N. ” 12 M 39 Mary E. ” 9 F 40 John R. ” 6 M 41 Minerva ” 4 F 42 Thomas ” 2 M (next page, new family) ———————————————————————- US Census 1860 – Missouri – Pike Co. – Calumet Twp. – Page 325 Ancestry.com index / image / ED image 21/52 34 1231 1207 Robert Ware 58 m – Farmer Kentucky 35 Nancy M … 41 f Domestic Missouri etc. ———————————————————————- US Census 1870 – Missouri – Pike Co. – Calumet Twp. – Page 18 (handwritten) Ancestry.com index / image / ED image 101/102 01 113 111 Ware Robert 65 M W Farmer Kentucky 02 — Nancy M 54 F W Keeping House Missouri 03 — Thomas C 21 M W Farm laborer do ———————————————————————- Household Record 1880 United States Census Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father’s Birthplace Mother’s Birthplace William WHITE Self M Male W 38 VA U S Mail Car VA VA Minava L. WHITE Wife M Female W 33 MO Keeping House KY MO Mary E. WHITE Dau S Female W 14 MO VA MO Louanna WHITE Dau S Female W 12 MO VA MO Alice A. WHITE Dau S Female W 8 MO VA MO John H. WHITE Son S Male W 7 MO VA MO Robt. WHITE Son S Male W 3 MO VA MO Mattie WHITE Dau S Female W 6M MO VA MO Nancy WARE MotherL W Female W 63 MO PA KY Alexander TURNER Other S Male W 45 VA Dry Goods Merchant VA VA Edward TURNER Other S Male W 19 NY Grocer VA VA Source Information: Census Place Prairieville, Pike, Missouri Family History Library Film 1254709 NA Film Number T9-0709 Page Number 669C ———————————————————————- FS-IGI online: “JAMES WARE [marriage] DOROTHY J. WHITESIDE 24 AUG 1837 ,Shelby, Kentucky” Batch No.: M531283 / Dates: 1797-1839 / Source Call No.: 0259273 V. 1-3 ———————————————————————- US Census 1860 – Missouri – Montgomery Co. – Prairie Township – Page 467 Ancestry.com index / image / ED image 31,32/33 35 1107 1107 James Ware 45 M Farmer Ky 36 Dortha ” 41 F ” 37 Isaac ” 18 M Mo 38 James ” 12 M ” 39 Letticia ” 10 F ” 40 Dortha ” 7 F ” (next page) 01 Mary Parsons 28 F Mo. ———————————————————————- US Census 1870 – Missouri – Montgomery Co. – Prairie Township – Page 88 Ancestry.com index / image / ED image 11/42 23 77 79 Ware Jane 50 F W Keeping House Kentucky 24 — Isaac 27 M W Farmer Missouri 25 — James 22 M W Farmer Missouri 26 — _ticia 19 F W athome Missouri 27 — Dortha 17 F W Missouri 28 — Joseph 13 M W school Missouri 29 — Mattie 11 F W ” Missouri 23* Dorothy Jane “Dortha” Whiteside Ware.


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