Horace Bacon Ware

“HORACE BACON WARE. Scranton, Pennsylvania, was born in the state of New Jersey. He studied for his profession in Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia, graduating in 1886, and in the New York Polyclinic, graduating with the class of 1887. He … Continue reading

John Mitchell Scott (1764 – 1812)

Copy to your browser and read pages117-20. http://books.google.com/books?id=1A3k7Wqaq0wC&lpg=RA1-PA28&dq=history%20of%20bourbon%20co%20ky&pg=PA117#v=onepage&q=ware&f=false Source:  Remember the Raisin! …, by Garrett Glenn Clift, Published by Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfort, Kentucky, 1961, pages 117-20

John Ware ( – 1865)

“… John Ware, was a native of New Jersey, born about ten miles from Philadelphia, of sterling English descent, receiving a common-school education, and by occupation was a farmer.  When a young man he emigrated to Warren county, Ohio, where … Continue reading

Joseph Ware ( – 1711)

“On the fifth day of May, 1675, a company from England, principally members of the Society of Friends, landed from the ship ‘Griffith,’ which brought them from England to find  home in West Jersey.  The leading spirit of the enterprise … Continue reading