Ware Family of Dedham, Wrentham and Boston, Massachusetts

“Robert Ware, an English Nonconformist, the founder of the New England family of Wares, was one of those independent spirits — called Nonconformists — who refused to conform to the usages and rites of the Established Church of England. He … Continue reading

Stephen V. Ware (1812 – 1893)

Note:  Stephen V. Ware is a descendant of the sixth generation from Robert Ware Sr. and the son of Dr. Lewis Ware. “Stephen V. Ware, son of Dr. Lewis Ware, was born in Winchendon, Massachusetts, August 28, 1812.  He died … Continue reading

Lewis Ware (1779 – 1832)

Note:  Lewis Ware, was the son of Abiel Ware and the fifth generation descended from Robert Ware Sr. “Lewis Ware, son of Agiel Ware, was born January 25, 1779, and died in Newfane Hill, Vermont in 1832.  He was a … Continue reading

Michael Ware Jr. (1725 – )

Note:  Michael Ware Jr. is a descendant of the third generation from Robert Ware Sr. “Michael Ware, Jr., son of Michael ware, was born in Wrentham, Massachusetts, December 5, 1725, died in Buckland, Massachusetts, about 1814.  He was a soldier … Continue reading

Robert Ware Jr. (1653 – 1724)

Note:  Robert Jr. was the second second of Robert and Margaret (Hunting) Ware. “Robert Ware, son of Robert Ware, was born August 1,1653, at Dedham, Massachusetts, and settled in the adjoining of Wrentham, where he died September 16,1724, in his … Continue reading

Charles Eliot Ware (1853 – )

Note: Charles Eliot Ware was the son of Thornton Kirkland Ware and Lucy A.A., and the sixth generation from Robert Ware Sr. “Charles Eliot Ware, 2d., son of Thomas Kirkland Ware, was born in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, July 17,1853.  He was … Continue reading

Henry Ware Jr. (1794 – 1843)

Henry Ware, Jr. (Painting from Wikipedia)   Note: Henry Jr. was not married to Mary (Waterhouse), but to her older sister, Elizabeth, who lived 1793-1824. Mary married William Ware, Henry Jr.’s younger sister. Note:  Henry Ware Jr. is of the … Continue reading