Samuel Russel Ware (1900 – 1960)

THE LIFE SKETCH OF SAMUEL RUSSEL WARE · 14 July 2013 Written by his wife, Della Parsons Ware Converted to text by Mathew Buchanan Bunker on July 13, 2013 SAMUEL RUSSEL WARE was born January 1, 1900, in a farm … Continue reading

George Ware Fulton (1810 – 1893)

“FULTON, GEORGE WARE (1810-1893).  George Ware Fulton, founder of the Coleman-Fulton Pasture Company, the son of George and Ann (Ware) Fulton, was born in Philadelphia on June 8, 1810.  He became a school teacher, watchmaker, and maker of mathematical instruments … Continue reading

Frank S. Ware (1882 – )

“WARE, Frank S. one of the prosperous business men of Montgomery County, owns and operates a grain business at Butler, where he makes his home.  He was born in Butler Grove Township, August 15, 1882, a son of Arthur and … Continue reading