Ware Family Tree Acorns

What are Acorns?  Acorns are trivia and bits of miscellaneous information that is found in books and on-line relating to people whose last name is Ware. The names Edward, George, James, John, Nicholas and William are the most widely used and to help assist you in searching these names, a date may be listed, if known, next to the name for clarification. Sometimes, no information can be extracted from sources for some individuals, and in this case, just the source will be given.  Birth, marriage and death records will intentionally not be included, however, a birth, marriage, or death relationship may be part of the anecdote.   Not knowing the genealogy of all individuals, a person may be listed who has no relationship to the Wares who came from England.  Individuals from other countries may have converted the spelling of their last name to Ware.  People of color may have been given the last name of Ware.  These inclusions are unintentional.

List of Available ACORNS